DAB's Press Release on Successful Completion of the Second Review under the ECF Program between Afghanistan and IMF

IMF Executive Board approved the report on completion of the second assessment of joint Economic Reforms Program between Afghanistan and IMF on December 9, 2017.

With the completion of this assessment, the Central Bank of Afghanistan, ministry of finance and the Government of Afghanistan as whole has successfully achieved the quantitative objectives covering the stability of macroeconomic such as curbing inflation, revenue collection, maintaining currency reserves, controlling monetary aggregates and other related issues under the ECF program. Similarly, all the objectives regarding the structural reforms aimed to improve the banking system, strengthening legal and regulatory framework ruling the banking sector were assessed successfully. At the same time, while praising the Afghan authorities' steps towards strengthening the structures of the government revenues and expenditures, IMF Executive Directors have also welcomed the progresses made in combat of financing terrorism and anti money laundering.

Da Afghanistan Bank considers the successful completion of this program as a significant achievement in structural reforms, financial and monetary stability and strengthening of the national organizations.

With the implementation of new program, Da Afghanistan Bank is expecting considerable improvements in the structural reforms, development and economic welfare of the country in the coming years.