First Deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank introduced

Kabul: 7th January, 2017- Mr. Wahidullah Nosher is appointed as first deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank.

H.E. Khalil Sediq governor of Da Afghanistan Bank as opening remarks in this ceremony said that on the basis of commitment of DAB's Executive Board for recruitment of Fit and Proper Persons, DAB has known Mr. Wahidullah Nosher a creative, proper and professional person who has obtained higher education degrees from recognized universities abroad and has enough experience in Banking, Finance and Economics, DAB suggested Mr. Nosher for the position of First Deputy Governor which has been approved by the President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

H.E. Khalil Sediq added that the structure of DAB's Executive Board is now completed upon the appointment of Mr. Nosher as the first Deputy Governor. This Board is committed to cope strictly with any type of financial corruption and give priority for implementation of Banking Law in Afghanistan.

H.E. Khalil Sediq Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank called the price stability and establishment of strong financial system as the main tasks of Da Afghanistan Bank and pledged to strive for accomplishment of these tasks with assistance of Executive Board and employees of Da Afghanistan Bank.

Subsequently, Mr. Wahidullah Nosher the first Deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank thanked H.E. President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Executive Board of Da Afghanistan Bank for putting trust in him and said that the Banking and Financial System of Afghanistan had significant achievements during the last 15 years. Mr. Nosher called Da Afghanistan Bank as the backbone of Economy in Afghanistan and promised to make efforts for formulation and implementation of effective Monetary Policy in order to maintain price stability and Afghani value.

First Deputy Governor of DAB has also touched on absorption of public stagnant capital to the financial sector and cited that promotion of Islamic Banking in the country will be a better choice in this regard.

Furthermore, Mr. Fazal Hadi Muslimyar chairman of Upper House of Parliament mentioned some achievements of Banking System in the country and said that Da Afghanistan Bank has maintained Afghani exchange rate and has successfully executed Monetary Policy in the country. Praising the decisions of DAB's Governor in the nullifying financial corruption, Mr. Muslimyar hoped that the committed Executive Board of DAB with assistance of DAB's employees, achieve further developments in the banking system of Afghanistan.

Consequently, Mr. Nasir Ahmad Durani minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) called youths as the committed community and the future of the country and said that appointment of Mr. Wahidullah Nosher as first Deputy Governor of Da Afghanistan Bank is a sample of Fit and Proper person recruitment of DAB's Governor. He congratulated H.E. Khalil Sediq and hoped that with the appointment of well-experienced and young cadres, Da Afghanistan Bank would obtain more achievements.