Fiscal Sector

The monetary and exchange rate policies are formulated and implemented in a close coordination with the fiscal policy of the country. Therefore, the central bank has a close cooperation with the Ministry of Finance. The Fiscal Sector of the Monetary Policy Department collects the fiscal data such as the government revenues and expenditure, finance sources of the national budget and so on from the different departments of the Ministry of Finance. After the data is compiled, the data is reviewed and placed in the specific tables by the statisticians and the final data is provided to the sector analysts. Based on the data, the analysts prepare analytical reports for different time periods. After the final revision is done, the reports are published in the economic publications of the central bank.

In addition, attending the Cash Management Committee meetings, held on a monthly basis with participation of Ministry of Finance and DAB, and other relevant meetings are the other responsibilities of this sector. The main purpose of CMC is to exchange views regarding the government expenditure, revenue collection and success or failure of the government in spending the budget over the past month and make required decisions for the elimination of existing shortcomings and complications.