Banking Operation Department

This department is assigned to provide banking services for state, government and semi-government entities and commercial banks.

Primary Duties:

To establish mutual contact between head office and branches and inter-branches contact, proceed checkbooks for government institutions, corporations and National Solidarity Program (NSP), print and distribute electronic checks for ministry of finance, convert Afghani checks into foreign currencies and vice versa, collect and transfer government revenues to concerning accounts, open current accounts for government entities following consent of ministry of finance, and provide foreign currencies fund according to the orders of ministry of finance and other government entities.


Banking operation department has four deputy offices: Treasury general, zonal affairs administration, banknote issuance and maintenance, and admin deputy directors each of which possess its own various operating sections.

  1. Treasury General

Its responsibilities are to appoint and task Afghani and foreign currencies tellers with concerning responsibility, distribute Afghani and foreign currencies to all government institutions, private firms, city branches and provincial branches as per banking operation and ministry of finance vouchers, collect money from cash-receiving tellers of DAB head office, city branches, commercial banks; transfer cash and fund from central office to provincial branches, receive Afghani and foreign currencies cash and inventory of treasury general at the end of every month.

  1. Zonal Affairs Administration

This deputy office of Banking Operation Deputy Directorship is engaged to forward directions of authorized officials to six zonal directorates of Da Afghanistan Bank, resolve complications between ministry of finance and six countrywide zonal directorates of Da Afghanistan Bank as well as between zonal directorates and the head office of Da Afghanistan Bank.

The office serve as a contact bridge between head office and six zonal directorates of Da Afghanistan Bank and undertakes to notify sub-offices of instructions of senior officials of Da Afghanistan Bank. At the same time the office immediately resolve any arisen dispute between ministry of finance and DAB sub-offices.

3. Banknote Issuance and Maintenance

This deputy director of banking operation is responsible to collect and incinerate worn Afghani banknotes, supply newly printed banknotes to the market, promote good use of Afghani in daily deals and contracts.

The office as well assumes to transfer cash from head office to provincial branches and vice versa in accordance with requirement.

  1. Admin Deputy Directorship

This deputy office of banking operation is responsible for administrative and executive affairs of the department and takes over the head office in the absence of director general, banking operation department. The responsibility of this office is to deal with everyday administrative tasks which are helpful and effective in execution of other relevant tasks of department.