Financial Risk Management Department

Financial risk management department was established on first January 2008 with aim to safeguard DAB assets and manage potential risks within structure of Da Afghanistan Bank. Since, risk assessment of the banking system performances that there should be professional and experienced individuals recruited and trained in this field, thus initially as many as 13 staff of this department were provided with opportunities for overseas training in countries like Turkey, India, Malaysia and Philippines to enhance their knowledge and skills in financial risks management affairs. After returning and being necessarily trained, they resumed their duties in the department. Financial risk management department launched its test operations on concerning departments of Da Afghanistan Bank. Later on, it appraised financial and banking system of the country with cooperation of financial supervision department and then engaged in assessment and analysis of potential risks of some sections and provided report as to licensed banks.


The main objectives of this department are to look for threats that expose operating risks, market risks, liquidity and exchange rate risks, administrative risks, technology related and reputational risks to DAB and following after analysis and assessment, apply effective strategies, practical models and standards introduced by Basel Committee for better performances in order for Da Afghanistan Bank to serve effectively towards implementation of its main duties which are stability of domestic prices level, economic growth, balance of payments, controlling inflation, currency policy and so on.


Financial risks management department has two deputy directorates, one is financial risks deputy directorate and the other non-financial risks each of which leads its subordinate sections. Financial risks deputy directorate leads credit risks and market risks sections while non-financial deputy directorate directs human and operating services and technology sections.