Afghan Deposit Insurance Corporation


The recent worldwide financial crisis has underscored the importance of protection of depositors’ funds and ensuring the smooth functioning of the payments system. Prudential regulation and supervision come first as the most essential tools to protect depositors’ money, while a deposit insurance scheme comes as the last line of defense. In Afghanistan, a movement has been underway for some time to establish the Afghan Deposit Insurance Corporation (ADIC), through enabling legislation, regulation, initial capitalization, and other start-up measures.

The corresponding augmentation of the ADIC’s assets will enable it to become fully operational in a limited period of time, and stand ready to reimburse depositors, if necessary, from the first day the enabling legislation is enacted. By continuously growing its assets, the ADIC will provide small depositors with additional assurance that their deposits will be protected, encouraging expansion of the formal financial system and providing the banks with new sources of funds for productive lending.


To contribute to stability and public confidence in the banking system through provision of deposit insurance


To be recognized as one of the most efficient and effective deposit insurance and responsive to the needs of its stakeholders.

What Is Deposit Insurance?

Deposit Insurance is a system established to protect depositors within a certain coverage amount against the loss of their deposits placed in a financial institution in the unlikely events of a member financial institution failure.

What is Afghan Deposit Insurance Corporation (ADIC)?

ADIC is established under proposed Afghan Deposit Insurance Corporation Law 1388 to administer the national deposit insurance system in Afghanistan.

Why Deposit Insurance Is Important

Knowing that their savings are protected against failure helps Afghans feel confident about keeping their savings in banks and other financial institutions that are ADIC members. This helps to keep the Afghan financial system strong, which benefits all Afghans.

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