General Services Department

General Services is one of operating departments of Da Afghanistan Bank that has two sections, Admin and construction.

1. Admin Deputy Directorate

There are following subsections functioning within admin deputy directorate:

Executive Office

It is responsible to provide staff travel costs, prepare letters on and pay for advertisements, prepare letters on advertisements for promotion and preservation of Afghani notes and pay its costs, prepare tickets for staff abroad training travels (departure and arrival), prepare electricity and digital phone bill.

            Distribution Section

The unit is engaged to provide and distribute stationery items, accessories, lubricants and cars parts for head office and provincial and Kabul city branches. In addition, it prepares checks for used and impaired items, putting office appliances and equipments to the custody of  concerning office keeper and assignees in the head office, city and provincial branches as well as used and damaged items to the custody of office-equipments receiver, deliver used and impaired items from office keeper to equipment receiver, prepare checks for new items purchased by procurement office and place it to the custody of concerning office keeper in head office, city and provincial branches, arranges, collects and place the items to the custody of all office keepers in the period of handover as well as provides checkbook and proper stationery for head office and provincial branches offices.

            Maintenance and Cleaning Section

The office is responsible to provide and cook lunch food for head office staff, clean kitchen and utensils, prepare food for internal and foreign guests, conduct checks, maintain and clean the premises of central office, install and monitor fire fighting devices in the corridors, take away damaged items and maintain bank guesthouse and grassy area.

            Transportation Section

The office transports executive board members, department directors, security personnel from/to their destinations, manages and prepares fuel consumption statement, prepares report on vehicles to be fixed, manages documents of line offices, all reparation bills, fuel distribution checks, prepares and distributes line vehicles fuel checks, estimates movement of department’s vehicles, receives and directs documents related to transport department.

            Health Clinic

The health clinic is operating under this department that checks up and prescribes medication to staff. It should be mentioned that it is responsible to manage and observe cooking of lunch for bank staff.

The office undertakes to: check up and prescribe drug to bank staff, oversee process of cooking food, prepare list of required medicine and charges drug costs.

            Control Office

The control office manages and control all documents related to procurement, distribution, execution and consumptions.

Construction Deputy Directorate

The construction services office assumes to conduct and manage construction projects for and in the head office and entire city and provincial branches facilities. The construction office has technical, operating, real estate, administrative and skilled workers subsections which will be briefed in the below:

A. Operational Technique: it draws maps and sketches, performs initial calculations, estimates for planned projects of the bank, manages and monitors executions of conducted projects and establishes relation with the Afghan ministry of urban development as to technical matters and secondary estimates.

B. Real Estate: The office records received vouchers of revenues and expenditures of central and provincial offices in the relevant registration book of properties; protects bank properties and signs contracts for leasable bank properties.

C. Administrative Section: This section prepares proposals, letters; keeps constructional documents in concerning offices and handle other administrative issues.

D. Skilled Workers Section: This section is responsible to task professional workers on the order of different departments/offices of Da Afghanistan Bank as well as it manages heater and generator’s fuel consumption statements.