Accounting and Finance General Directorate

Objectives of department

Accounting and finance general directorate plays a vital role in achieving DAB objectives.

Objectives of this department are as follows:

1- Daily posting of financial and accounting transactions.

2- Design and implementation of controls which helps in prevention, declaration and correction of errors.

3- Preparation of plan.

4- Preparation of budget.

5- Preparation of financial reports.

1- Deputy CFO (Chief Accountant)

Which consist of following sections:-

Payroll section, Loans section, Advances section, Pity cash Section, payables and reconciliation sections.

Transactions represents economic events occurring in DAB head office and branches which are posted in related general ledgers

Different sections have responsibility for processing accounting transaction in accordance to IFRS and applicable laws.

Accounting transactions are classified into five main types which are assets, liabilities, revenue, expenses and capital accounts.

This deputy directorate is also responsible for salary posting, advances, loans, payables, pity cash records transactions and GL reconciliation.

2- Control and reporting Deputy Directorate

Which consist of following sections:-

Controlling Section and Reporting Section

Designing the necessary controls is one of main responsibilities of accounting and finance general directorate which a result helps in prevent, detect and correction of errors. Adopting IFRS through accounting policy will enhance controls, and responsible for overseeing the preparation and distribution of periodic financial statements for users other than those directly employed by the bank.

3- Budget and strategic planning section

Which consist of following sections:-

Budgeting has responsibility for developing, implementing and controlling the budgetary control functions of the bank.

Strategic planning has responsibility for developing and implementing strategic planning functions of the bank.