Governor's Office Directorate

Duties and Responsibilities

Governor's Office Directorate is a key department that plays prominent role in implementation of objectives and mission of Da Afghanistan Bank. The department transmits policies of the Central Bank through its relation with stakeholders and informs the market players from the latest economic events and predictions on inflation rate, economic growth and financial sector stability.

This department is also responsible to keep and archive the documents and organize the work relation of Da Afghanistan Bank.


Governor's Office Directorate has two deputy offices: publications and communications, and documentations and protocol, each of which manages and leads its subsections.

Deputy Directorate for Publications and Communications

Publications and communication deputy directorate is responsible to manage the overall publication and communications of Da Afghanistan Bank with its stakeholders, make plans for the public relations of the Central Bank, present information and raise public awareness on overall policies of the Central Bank, raise public awareness on regulations, laws and policies of the Central Bank as to general prices stability and establishment of a robust financial sector, establish bank relation with other entities, make plans for raising awareness of public from objectives, duties and fundamental values of Da Afghanistan Bank and write and review topics for publications and communications of Da Afghanistan Bank. it has to be noted that Publications, Communications and Translation Sections operate under the management of this deputy directorate.

Communications Section

This section is engaged to monitor communication performances and functions, establish strengthened ties with bank stakeholders (government, parliament, medias, public, private sector, academic society…), publicize news and information on Da Afghanistan Bank achievements, review and verify topics and contents of the internal and external websites of Da Afghanistan Bank, convey public views and complaints in particular to economic and trade affairs and vice versa; make public the policies, objectives, duties and pivotal values of the Central Bank. 

Publications Section

This is the only publishing, promoting and information source of Da Afghanistan Bank. The section assumes to reflect activities, policies, goals, responsibilities and achievements of the Central Bank through its various means such as monthly magazine, annual report, pictorial booklet and other publications.

Translation Section

This section translates necessary documents and data from English to national official languages and vice versa, translates the bank documents on communications and public relations and other materials important for the key objectives and pivotal tasks of Da Afghanistan Bank, translates transcripts and topics related to the publication section from English to national official languages and vice versa, translates laws, regulations, policies, questionnaires and other necessary documents and letters related to other offices of the bank.

Deputy Directorate for Documentations and Protocol

Documentations and Protocol Deputy Directorate monitor affairs related to documentation and archiving, ease the process of submitting documents to the bank offices, register the executions of the bank offices, follow through all internal and external documents of the bank, monitor and verify the registration and issuance of approvals by executive board, register the provisions of the executive board, proceeds visa and passport for Da Afghanistan Bank and foreign banks’ staff, respond to official letters and inquiry letters of the other entities, establish perpetual relation with the bank stakeholders, monitor and track important transmittable documents of Da Afghanistan Bank to other state and private entities.

Documentation and archive, and protocol sections functions under the direction of this office.

Documentation and Archive Section

This section is the only source in Da Afghanistan Bank that writes, organizes, pursues, keeps and archives entire documents of the bank. The section monitors and guides the staff of documentation office, prepare and edit letters transmittable to other government institutions, monitors the whole registration process, sends and receives the documents of the bank, keeps and archives the documents, monitors and pursues the registration of provisions of executive board, keep the original copy and distributes the copy to concerning offices to be applied, archives reports of monetary policy, financial sector and other necessary documents.

Protocol Section

This section undertakes to facilitate and obtain passport, visa and other protocol issues for the members of Supreme Council, executive board and other employees of Da Afghanistan Bank. The section also gets Da Afghanistan Bank in touch with the office of administrative affairs of presidential palace.