Meeting Held on Coordination between Da Afghanistan Bank and Central Banks of South Asian countries

Da Afghanistan Bank hosted the 27th meeting of coordination between the Central Banks of South Asian States. The meeting which was organized in Dubai city of United Arab Emirate on May 12, ended successfully.

The acting Governor and first deputy of Da Afghanistan Bank Mr. Wahidullah Nosher extended his gratitude to the participants and said that the South Asian countries are affluent that have played a significant role in the economic development of the world and offered enormous manpower to the world economies.

In this meeting, besides discussion on financial capacity building of South Asian countries, supervision of banks, creating facilities in financial transactions, the economic analysis was also considered for the agenda of upcoming meeting that is going to be held in Nepal in the next month. 

While thanking the officials of Da Afghanistan Bank for the event, the representatives of participating countries assessed the meeting as valuable and hoped for the next assembly to be held in Kabul.

It has to be noted that besides the acting governor and first deputy of DAB Wahidullah Nosher, the director of monetary policy department and the coordinator of SAARC Mr. Sayed Eshaq Alawi, deputy director of MPD and second coordinator of SAARC Mr. Naib Khan Jamal and analyst and regional economies coordinator Mr. Mohammad Daud Niazi were also in attendance in this meeting.